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Photo Credit: Stacy Gardin from S’mitn Photography

After college, Angela Pyles, affectionately called Ms. Angela by her younger students, decided to follow her heart and create a company that would bring her love and passion for music, children, adults, and community outreach all under one umbrella, which is B Major Piano Studio, LLC.

Lessons are offered to preschoolers, school aged, adults, and group lessons.

Her journey toward turning B Major into a formal business started in 2012 when a member of her church asked her to teach her two granddaughters how to play the piano. This was during the time when she could teach piano lessons informally, while still in undergraduate school.

From there, Angela gained momentum and began to travel teaching students in homes, local churches and community centers on weekends, because she was determined to make a difference through music. The more she taught, the stronger her love for teaching grew. Teaching became an agent for transforming the lives of children that by the end of her second year, Angela knew for sure that she wanted to teach piano full time.

When she stepped out on the water and left her part-time position at a fast food restaurant chain to focus on the growth and development of B Major, the enrollment increased!

From there, Angela became more intentional and strategic in her teaching methods, as well as in developing and putting on fun concerts so the students could THRIVE on stage. As the studio developed, Angela decided to incorporate community outreach.

In August 2018, the studio collaborated with Turning Heads Salon and hosted their first School Supply Drive which was publicized on social media and served families in need in the Upstate. At the studio’s last 4 concerts, canned goods, coats, blankets, and so much more have been donated thanks to the piano studio families and concert attendees.


Ms. Angela is grateful to be a participant of the Minority Business Accelerator Program through the Greenville Chamber of Commerce! By faith, she submitted her application, had a great time in her interview with the instructors and directors, and was accepted in November 2018! This year long program will help her to expand not only as a business owner, but as a female leader, so she can inspire her little and big musicians to do the same. Although it will be a time consuming and challenging course (which ends in December of 2019) she is ALL IN! She constantly reminds her students, as well as herself, that If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you! 

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