Meet the Founder

Angela Pyles professional pic

Welcome to our Village!

My name is Angela Pyles and I am happy to share my gifts and talents with you. Piano lessons can seem intimidating, but having someone by your side cheering you on makes the journey more enjoyable

It has been my desire to offer quality lessons to the community, along with teachers who are just as passionate and intentional as myself. I hope that as you browse our site and social medias, you’ll get a glimpse of what you and your child (or you as an adult) will step into, which is a Village where: 

  1. Musical mistakes are meant to be made (because mistakes are fixable)
  2. You will not learn on your own (we’re cheering you on)
  3. And you will explore the skill and discipline of learning an amazing instrument (something you could play well in your 90’s)!! 

Quick Facts About Me! 

~ I’ve been playing piano for 18 years (and I don’t plan to stop)!

~ I’ve been teaching for 8 years!

~ I’m a coffee lover and a foodie! 

~ I’m a dog mom to Ruff Ryder “Boopie” Pyles (YES! He has a whole name…) 😀 

Ruff Ryder (for BMPS website)

~ I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music (Converse College, c/o 2012) 

~ I am a PROUD Wade Hampton High School alumnus! (#GoGenerals, c/o 2007) 

~ I STILL can’t swim (SMH), but I WILL learn!