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Welcome to our Village!

Hello! My name is Angela Pyles and I am happy to share my gifts and talents with you. Piano lessons can seem intimidating, but having someone by your side and cheering you on makes the process a little more enjoyable. Music was created to be enjoyed! As your piano teacher, coach, and mentor I will walk side by side with you, and encouraging you to Thrive in the studio, on stage, and in your community!

Quick Facts About Me! 

~ I’ve been playing piano for over 12 years (and I don’t plan to stop)! 

~ I’ve been teaching for 7 years (and I LOVE what I do)! 

~ I love coffee, flying, and I enjoy beach therapy (specifically at Isle of Palms)!

~ I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music (Converse College, c/o 2012) 

~ I am a PROUD Wade Hampton High School alumnus! (#GoGenerals, c/o 2007) 

~ I’m blessed to share my gift at Beulah Christian Fellowship Church as minister of music (I LOVE my church)!  

~ I would love to learn how to play other instruments (i.e. drums and the bass guitar)!

~ I am a self proclaimed “Hype Girl”! I THRIVE in seeing people have a great time!

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I have been afforded the opportunity to be a participant in the Minority Business Accelerator Program through the Greenville Chamber of Commerce! This year long program will help me to expand not only as a business owner, but as a female leader. I hope to inspire people of all ages to put in the work and invest in your skills. I constantly remind my students, as well as myself, that

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you! 

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