Our Teacher

Angela Pyles professional pic

Welcome to our Village!

My name is Angela Pyles and I am happy to share my gifts and talents with you. Piano lessons may seem intimidating, but having someone on your side to cheer you on makes the process a little more enjoyable.

Quick Facts About Me! 

~ I’ve been playing piano for 18 years (and I don’t plan to stop)!

~ I’ve been teaching for 8 years!

~ I’m a coffee lover and a foodie! 

~ I’m a dog mom to Ruff Ryder “Boopie” Pyles (YES! He has a whole name…) 😀 

Ruff Ryder (for BMPS website)

~ I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music (Converse College, c/o 2012) 

~ I am a PROUD Wade Hampton High School alumnus! (#GoGenerals, c/o 2007) 

~ I STILL can’t swim (SMH), but I WILL learn!