Triumphant Journey

A Spring Recital

May 28, 2022

Instructor & Owner:

Angela Pyles


Trealiney Thomas & Sarye Glenn

Steinway Piano Gallery

743 Congaree Rd. Suite A

Greenville, SC 29607

Opening Remarks, Kristina Sanders (Steinway Piano Gallery Representative)

Welcome & Prayer: Instructors of BMPS

Triumphant Journey – Wynn-Anne Rossi 

11am Program

  1. Brielle Robinson, Fred the Fish- Katherine Fisher
  2. Michelle Hughey, Crumble Rumble- Andrea Dow
  3. Tirza Holland, Watermark- Enya
  4. Lucy Spain, The End of the Rainbow- Julia Olsen
  5. Alasia Duncan, I Have to Sneeze- Julia Olsen
  6. Olivia Davis, I Just Can’t Wait to Be King (from The Lion King)- arr. Nancy Faber
  7. Nola Turner, Slumber Song- Elisa Milne
  8. Bella Powe, Sassafras- Diane Hidy 
  9. Isaiah Crumpler, The Pink Panther Theme Song- Henri Mancini
  10. Elijah Duncan, Prelude in C- J.S. Bach 
  11. Georgia Knox, Nocturne of the Stars, Naoko Ikeda

11:45am Program

  1. Evelyn Wohlers, I’m an Inchworm- Katherine Fisher
  2. Isabella Wohlers, The Nose that Blows and Blows- Julia Olsen
  3. Anthony Wohlers, The Secret Agent- Daniel McFarlane
  4. Joyce Osborne, The Elephant (from Carnival of the Animals)- Saint-Saens
  5. Nylah Rabb, I Love Coffee- Katherine Fisher
  6. Madison Williams, Peacock- Julia Olsen
  7. Anterius McClintock, One Day- Trey McClaughlin
  8. Gabrielle Slaughter, Amazing Grace, arr. Wendi Stevens

12:30pm Program

  1. Makenna Martin, Weekend Waltz- Jennifer Eckland
  2. Kylie Rutherford, Bearied in Butterflies- Andrea Dow
  3. Ty’lin Neely, B.I.N.G.O- Traditional
  4. Adam Blassengale, Blues on the Bayou- Jennifer Eckland
  5. Zyria Peterson, Shifting Sands- Rick Robertson
  6. Kaitlyn Johnson, Remember Me (from Coco)- arr. Nancy Faber
  7. Taliah Pearson, Hakuna Matata (from The Lion King)- arr Nancy Faber
  8. Jaden Rhinehart, Labyrinth (from Five Nights at Freddy’s)- CG5
  9. Trinity James, Petite Reverie- Rick Robertson
  10. Anerya Austin, Arabesque- Rick Robertson 
Image by Jaden Rhinehart

Support Pound 4 Pound Dessert Truck in the parking lot!

All students who participated will receive a free treat of their choice!

Thank you to the staff of Steinway Piano Gallery for showing us wonderful hospitality and allowing us to host our recital in their beautiful space.

Thank you to Michelle Muhammad, owner of Pound 4 Pound Sweet Treats, for providing tasty desserts to our students and families.

Thank you to Crystal Lee, owner of Crystal Clear Photography, for capturing the sweet moments.

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Thank you to our volunteers who stepped in to help us with running the recital smoothly and in order. We are so grateful for you!

Thank you to our recital attendees for supporting our students and cheering them on for a job well done.

Thank you to our piano families and guardians who bring their children or log in to each lesson to ensure their musical success. We hope you are proud of your young musician(s)!

To our young musicians, thank you for attending your lessons week by week, practicing in between, and then letting your music be heard on this day. May you continue to be triumphant on your journey! And please know, your village will always be proud of you!

Thank you to student, Jaden Rhinehart, for creating a beautiful representation of what it means to be triumphant, together, as a team. She is an amazing artist and we honor her gift!

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