Encourage your child to keep their fingers moving and their brain going with PIANO LESSONS this summer! There are plenty of options for every family.

Watch this Video to get a quick overview of your options!


BMPS Flex Lessons 2019

  • GREAT option for the busy or traveling student who would like to continue (or begin) their private piano studies
  • FOR ages 6 and up
  • REGISTRATION $30 per student (excluding current students)
  • RECEIVE 4 (30 minute) lessons in a month, scheduled however you’d wish (according to the studio’s availability) (Cost: $100 per month)
  • LONGER duration lessons are available- 45 minute ($120 per month) or 60 minute ($140 per month)
  • ONCE enrolled, you will receive addition information for scheduling

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BMPS Keyboard Orchestra 2019


  • TEAM work is the Dream Work at B Major! Great option for students who desire to learn songs and piano concepts in a group setting
  • FOR ages 7-12 and 13-17
  • LESSONS offered on Fridays  at 10:00am or 4:00pm (*both times depend on enrollment)
  • REGISTRATION $15 per student
  • RECEIVE 3 (45 minute) lessons in a month Cost ($80 per month)
  • STEADY paced lessons for students who need a break from private lessons

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BMPS Preschool 2019.png


  • SMALL hands can create BIG sounds! Early piano lessons are a great way to instill the love and joy of music
  • FOR ages 3-5 (as of 2019)
  • REGISTRATION $30 per student (excluding current students)
  • RECEIVE 4 (20-30 minute) lessons in a month Cost ($70 per month)
  • USING a curriculum specifically designed for Preschoolers, your child will learn through games and movement
  • ONCE enrolled, you will receive additional information for scheduling

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